The Budland Sessions

Fostering a commitment to Leadership, Tradition, Culture, and Curated Information, is key to growth & progress.

Last updated August 9, 2022

What you will learn ?

This collaborative effort, using the features of the mastermind model, as well as the concept of mentorship, will provide lessons from the Entrepreneurial perspective, to equip Educator Members with skill sets in Business Startup processes, Branding Fundamentals, the Psychology of Buying & Selling, The Technical Aspects of Teaching Black Social Dance, and the process of Serving Clientele & Community.



Network Requirements


The only requirement for membership in this Network is that participants join with the earnest desire to SERVE others, more than they come to receive. In addition to wanting to be well-informed Educators, specializing in culturally-based, social-dance art forms.

YES, we enter commitments with the intent of improving ourselves, GROWING! But this feat is achieved best, as we seek to help others, and thereby allowing reciprocity, and the cycle of the higher existence to reward us in kind & beyond, to satisfy that need to grow. Therefore, we receive all and more in bringing to the table.


Educational Description

The Budland Network program is a deep-dive, via a lecture-based format and various hands-on practicals, sharing the lessons learned in the “instructional journey” of the founder of MAK 3 Dance Club, later known as, DMX Dance Company. This deep analysis will include all of the experience, from business start-up concepts, to client-services, the psychology of teaching & of student participants, and includes the case-study of the full, Get 2 Steppin teaching program. But this is only part of what the Network offers.


The ultimate goal of this effort is to create a peer group of Dance Education Professionals, who ar committed to EXCELLENCE, and the collaborative success of others. This Network is the opportunity to share information, become accountable to more than ourselves, possess sounding boards to assist in assessing, to have open dialogue, conversations, and to receive counsel on issues where our “blind spots” may prevent adequate sight-lines. This is the Network where dance educators of a certain pedigree seek to gather, grow, and become better as they serve community, and preserve the traditions shared with us, by the Ancestors.

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Dave Maxx Instructor